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The Falling Leaves


The white oak in my front side yard. The trees beyond it are in my neighbor's yard.

The white oak in my front side yard. The trees beyond it are in my neighbor’s yard.

One of the trees in my front yard is the first one to turn in the fall. It is also the first one to drop its leaves. It drops them into that narrow piece of our property that’s to the side of the driveway.

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Catching Up. Filling In. Telling the Rest of the Story.

A friend at the knitting group meeting, a couple of weeks ago, asked what the Tall Painting from Fun with Friends looked like, when it was all finished. “Oh,” I said. “I should do a follow-up. Like The Rest of the Story.”

She looked a little confused. So I explained (because she is somewhat younger than I am, and I couldn’t remember how many years earlier Paul Harvey had been on the radio). “There used to be a radio commentator, named Paul Harvey. And he would share news items, and sometimes, he’d talk about the first part, and then, after a commercial break, he’d say, ‘And now: The Rest of the Story.’ He was kind of a folksy guy. Like Garrison Keillor, on ‘Prairie Home Companion?” And I began to wonder if anything I was saying made any sense.

“I didn’t grow up in this country,” she reminded me. Oh, yeah. Well, she’s at least heard of Garrison Keillor.

Anyway, here’s some catching up, filling in, and more story:

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I Recycle-All Sorts of Things

Our recycling day is Monday, when we put out our blue bin with cardboard, plastics, newspapers, etc. Or, on alternate weeks, the green bin, with yard waste.

Today, I’m recycling a manuscript.

A couple, or so, years ago, our Associate Pastor at church, Mary Alice, asked some church members to submit devotions for a booklet she wanted to put together for our church members, especially those who were on teams going on mission trips. Her plan was that we would all be reading the same words, whether at home in Waco, on vacations, or in China or Lebanon.It would be a bonding experience for us all. She enlisted some of us to write and gave each of us the theme and a Scripture reference. We wrote, sent our words to her, and she edited and compiled them all into a booklet. The response was positive, so she kept on doing it. Now, we do them for Advent and Lent and for the summer mission trips (which, this year, included China, Lebanon, South Texas, and many missions-related trips individuals and families made, all over the place).

There are, as you might imagine, deadlines for the submissions of these things, and I’m always pretty close to getting them in on time. I asked once if anyone was responsible and got them to her early, or did everyone else skid in just under the wire (or a little beyond the wire), like I did. “Oh, I do what most of my seminary professors did,” she said. “I set the deadline a little bit before I really need them, to give me some wiggle room.” Possibly not a good thing to admit, but there you go. And possibly not the sort of thing to tell me, who is now exposing it to all sorts of people. Anyway …

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There Were Friends. And There Was Fun!


It was Fun with Friends, and it was very good.

I’ve spent each evening this week at church, with the little kids (Pre-K’s and Kindergarteners). The first through sixth graders were having Music Camp, and we were having Fun with Friends. Literally. We did ART, and lots of it. Sunday was Collage Night. Monday was Drawing Night. Tuesday was Painting  Night. Wednesday was Printing Night. And Thursday was Sculpture Night. As usual, there was Tall Painting. And I was sure you’d want to see photos.

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Many evenings, I don’t stay up and watch the television weather forecast. Sometimes, I don’t see any of the late news at all. I actually still read a newspaper most every day, and get my information that way. (We do still get a paper each day. And I scan it, reading the headlines and the first paragraphs at least, of most stories. David on the other hand, reads every single word! He’s paying for all those words, and, oh, yes, he’s going to read each and every one of them! But!! I’m not really talking about newspapers. I’m talking about the weather! ref: the title of this piece)

Anyway, Sunday night, I hadn’t watched the weather report. So, I don’t know what the forecast was. But, whatever it was, I was unprepared for what happened.

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Curbs. ? or !

One afternoon last July, Kevin and April and Jeremy were here, trying to get some work done, and they suggested that they might be more

It seems to me that, from a toddler's eye view, this would be a scary, deep, dark cavern, to be avoided at all costs. Apparently, toddlers are much more adventurous than I am. And they fit much better, too.

It seems to me that, from a toddler’s eye view, this would be a scary, deep, dark cavern, to be avoided at all costs. Apparently, toddlers are much more adventurous than I am. And they fit much better, too.

productive if Toddler Peter weren’t in the house, wanting to sit in their laps, around the table. So he and I went to WalMart. We walked into the store and toward the shopping carts, where Peter was thrilled to spy this tunnel-ish sort of walkway, thoughtfully provided by the WalMart people for the entertainment of little folks. He walked a little way in, could not be convinced to walk back towards me, so I had to wriggle in, grab him, and wriggle back out, where I popped him into a cart and strapped him in…securely, so we could go and get our shopping done.

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