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Reuse! Recycle! Repeat!

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning up, and I gathered some things to toss in the blue recycle bin, which gets picked up every other Monday

Recyclables that I'm still reluctant to get rid of

Recyclables that I’m still reluctant to get rid of

(except, of course, for Monday holidays, when the alternate pickup day is Wednesday). There’s always the accumulated newspapers, junk mail, and the envelopes, etc. from the real mail. There was also a shoe box, a paper pulp egg carton, and some cardboard tubes from paper towels and wrapping paper and tape.

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Maybe I Wouldn’t Like Winter as Much If I Lived Someplace Where Winters are Fierce and Long

But, I don’t live someplace where the winters are fierce and long. I live someplace where winters are short and pretty mild. It never seems long enough, and I’m never really ready for spring when it hits. Okay, maybe it doesn’t hit. But it does jump in pretty quickly and intensely, and, two weeks later, summer arrives, and it does hit. Big.

I’m never ready for spring because I’m not ready to stop wearing my winter clothes. I wear the warm weather clothes for MONTHS! I am always weary of them by the time cool weather arrives, and cannot wait to wash them one last time and put them away for next year. Then, I have to get them out again, when the weather warms back up, wear them for a few more weeks, wash them, and put them away, again, for next year. Then, a couple of weeks later, I have to get them out again. I continue to let myself be fooled by that one morning when there’s a chill in the air that says fall is coming. I forget that the next day, the temperature will be in the 90’s again (or higher).

So, when winter really does settle in for good, in, say, November, I’m ready. And, truly, I’ve been shivering these past few January days, and drinking lots of hot tea, and making soup, and feeling pretty chilled most of the time. But it’s winter and it’s supposed to be that way!  (And I completely understand that it’s easy for me to be happy with that wintery, bitter cold weather, because it lasted for about a week and a half, and yesterday, it was 72.)

But I like winter for other reasons.


And I really do enjoy what happens to the landscape.

I like that things don’t have to be watered nearly as much (and the water bill drops). And I like what happens to the trees.


God spoke: “Lights! Come out!
        Shine in Heaven’s sky!
    Separate Day from Night.
        Mark seasons and days and years,

Genesis 1:14 (the Message)

And, I really do like the coziness of the early darkness in the winter months. I know it can be overwhelming and depressing and oppressive for folks who live in more northern latitudes than I. I might grow weary and stir-crazy if winter lasted longer than the comparative brief time it does here in Waco, Texas. But honestly, I’m never quite ready for it to end. I usually keep a couple of sweaters and heavy shirts in the closet longer than is reasonable, just in case.



Hey! Is That Your Shadow? Is It *My* Shadow!

I know, all of you who live beyond the mildness of Central Texas smirk and roll your eyes when we talk about how

The big coat AND the pashmina, which I didn't realize I needed until I got one (and went to New York one October).

The big coat AND the pashmina, which I didn’t realize I needed until I got one (and went to New York one October).

cold it gets, sometimes, often once each winter. (There have indeed been winters when I never got my big coat out of the closet. There have been winters when I needed the big coat and couldn’t remember where it was.)

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You May or May Not Realize It, but There Was This Football Game Last Monday Night

After graduating from high school, my dad moved off to Columbus, Ohio, and started college. He lived under the Ohio State football stadium.

Ohio State's stadium (ca. 1940), home to the Stadium Scholarship Program

Ohio State’s stadium (ca. 1940), home to the Stadium Scholarship Program

As part of the Stadium Scholarship program, young men could live in the make-shift housing, do chores to help defray living costs, and afford a college education. The program still exists, even though the students no longer live under the stadium.

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My Imaginary Childhood

A Day at the Playground

When I was a little pre-reading kid, my parents read aloud to me, and some of those picture books were Little Golden Books. The only one I really remember well (and it’s somewhat because they saved that book) was A Day at the Playground, which I apparently called “Donny Donaldson,” after the book’s main character. The book was illustrated, as many of the Little Golden Books were, by Eloise Wilkin. And there was a standard sort of neighborhood depicted in those books.

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Hanging…without a Thread

I’m trying to be a good Earth citizen.

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Fun with Meg and Jo

A couple of Wednesdays ago, I went back to West Avenue Elementary School to start Reading Club again. westpicI have two of the girls from last year, but the third girl is going to a different school (say the other two girls). The school people said that I could choose the book for us to read this year, and showed me, in their library, all the books that they have “classroom sets” of. (In other words, multiple copies of the same book, so that students in an entire class can have their own copy to read.) I selected several books for the girls to choose from.

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I’m Such an Embarassment

I was at Wal-Mart last week, and I did something that would have shamed me in front of, maybe my mother, and most certainly my grandmothers, my great-grandmothers, and all the rest of the women and many of the men in my ancestry.

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If It’s “Old, Older, Oldest,” Why Does “Old” Sound Worse Than “Older?”

daughter 1I remember the first time I saw the movie Fiddler on the Roof. First, the oldest daughter goes to her father and says, no, she does not want to marry the butcher, which is an arranged marriage, as is the custom, the tradition. She would like his permission to marry the tailor, instead. Her father rants and raves, and at first refuses, reminding her about the tradition of marriages arranged by matchmakers and approved by parents. No, no she cannot. But, he thinks about how much the young couple love each other and how maybe it would be all right, and he relents, going against the long-standing customs and traditions of their Jewish community.

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