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On Sunday mornings, when I have Group Time with my Sunday School preschoolers, I open my Bible to the correct reference and say, “Here is the place in the Bible where I find this story.” And I tell them the day’s Bible story. Always. I always say that!

One Sunday morning, I told the children how Nehemiah helped people build a new wall around Jerusalem. At the end of the story, one kid said, “Where do you get all the stuff you tell us?”

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They Tell Me There’s a Lake Out There

I have some friends in California who think I don’t get out enough. Occasionally, they get a plane ticket for me, and I fly out for a visit. One spring, they planned a lengthy adventure, roaming all the way from Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, with many stops along the way. We went to the Timberline Hotel, the Portland Rose Garden, and Crater Lake. I remembered doing a report on the lake when I was in elementary school. I wrote it on one of those pieces of school paper that had a space at the top to draw a picture. I still can recall the drawing I made and was looking forward to seeing the real thing.

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