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I’m the Bearer of, Uh, Some News

I was on a trip, driving for three days, and one of my overnight stops was with some friends. As I turned into their driveway, the whole family erupted out of the house, jostling each other in attempts to be the first to get to me to share that there had been a flood, and part of the highway beyond them was washed out. Maybe I was overly skeptical of their motives, but it seemed to me that the expressions on their faces weren’t those of concern but more of glee. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but YEHAWW do I have some baaaad news for you!”

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Lessons from the Grocery Store

Many shoppers at the grocery store irritate me to pieces. I suspect that I irritate folks, too, so I try to think gracious thoughts about other people, even the ones who leave their cart on a busy aisle (because they are having to wait to get down the row) and walk an aisle or two away to get something else, therefore creating additional snarling, because the rest of us now have half an aisle to navigate through and . . . . But I digress.

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