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Breaking News!

This just in from Waco, Texas. Long-time resident, Gayle Lintz, reports that, Tuesday, late afternoon, she went to her kitchen to prepare a dinner-time meal for her husband.

“I was planning to attend my Knitting Group’s meeting at 5:00. I opened the freezer section of my refrigerator and reached in for a frozen chicken breast to heat up for him to eat when he got home. My hand touched a freezer-weight zip-locking bag of previously sauteed onions and peppers. It was soft. Next to that was a bag that held some leftover spaghetti in marinara sauce that had unexpectedly begun to smell, far sooner than it should have. My husband had bagged it up and put it in the freezer until trash day. (It smelled that bad). It was absolutely squishy. Homemade popsicles that I had made for my grandson had turned back into apple juice.”

The ice maker with the ho-hum, maybe I will, maybe I won't attitude

The ice maker with the ho-hum, maybe I will, maybe I won’t attitude

Mrs. Lintz says that, a couple of weeks earlier, the ice maker had stopped making ice.

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I Just Can’t Help Myself.

Who *wouldn't* want to chat with somebody as cute as this! With such a darling hat!!

Who *wouldn’t* want to chat with somebody as cute as this! With such a darling hat!!

I confessed to a class once, when I was teaching Child Development courses at our community college, that I can’t help myself; I talk to little kids at the grocery store. I will talk to them anywhere, but the grocery store provides more opportunities, as they are corralled in a seat in a cart. And, while their nearby adult is putting groceries on the conveyor belt, I am pretty much face-to-face with them, and it just seems a little rude not to chat. I am careful to keep my distance, and I never reach out or touch them.

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Catching Up. Filling In. Telling the Rest of the Story.

A friend at the knitting group meeting, a couple of weeks ago, asked what the Tall Painting from Fun with Friends looked like, when it was all finished. “Oh,” I said. “I should do a follow-up. Like The Rest of the Story.”

She looked a little confused. So I explained (because she is somewhat younger than I am, and I couldn’t remember how many years earlier Paul Harvey had been on the radio). “There used to be a radio commentator, named Paul Harvey. And he would share news items, and sometimes, he’d talk about the first part, and then, after a commercial break, he’d say, ‘And now: The Rest of the Story.’ He was kind of a folksy guy. Like Garrison Keillor, on ‘Prairie Home Companion?” And I began to wonder if anything I was saying made any sense.

“I didn’t grow up in this country,” she reminded me. Oh, yeah. Well, she’s at least heard of Garrison Keillor.

Anyway, here’s some catching up, filling in, and more story:

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There Were Friends. And There Was Fun!


It was Fun with Friends, and it was very good.

I’ve spent each evening this week at church, with the little kids (Pre-K’s and Kindergarteners). The first through sixth graders were having Music Camp, and we were having Fun with Friends. Literally. We did ART, and lots of it. Sunday was Collage Night. Monday was Drawing Night. Tuesday was Painting¬† Night. Wednesday was Printing Night. And Thursday was Sculpture Night. As usual, there was Tall Painting. And I was sure you’d want to see photos.

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The AARP card, along with some gift cards from places I get my medications

The AARP card, along with some gift cards from places I get my medications

When I was 50, I joined AARP. It was like a joke. “Oh, I’m so old, now. I have an AARP card. Ha-Ha!” And I Ha-Ha’ed myself through the next fifteen years.



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Of Birds and Bees and Springtime

So long, lavender sweater. See you next fall.

So long, lavender sweater. See you next fall.

It was chilly, early last week, and I wore my lavender sweater one more time before washing it and putting it away. My favorite sweater, I’ve had it for years (and will have it for as many more years as it can take it). I’ve surrendered to the fact that spring is really here.

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Comic Con, part II

I know I lead a pretty¬†limited life. There’s lots and lots out there that happens without my ever seeing it or hearing it or even knowing about it. Like truck rallies, and lesser known sports like curling and skeet shooting (okay, I know they exist, but I don’t know anything about them). And life on Caribbean islands, and great wealth. Also things with which I am unfamiliar.

And Comic Cons.

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