Follow the Tidy Brick Road

I got the new tidying book, Spark Joy, from the library. It’s what I took with me to the urgent-care center last week. I read about half of the introduction and got re-tidyized. I know I’m not doing it the official TIDY way, but I absolutely canNOT take every item of clothing out of my closet and drawers, pick up each individual item and hold it close to me to determine if it “sparks joy,” and then put it in my closet (if it gets a “yes”). Conversely, I do NOT have time to hold each reject, one at a time, close to me and thank it for being part of my wardrobe and wish a fond farewell as I put it lovingly into the Goodwill bag. I certainly can, however, identify the places in my home where, when the tidy bug bites (as opposed to those other kind that send you to urgent care), I need to treat it. And the tidy bug has noticed my office/miscellaneous storage/can’t-find-any-place-else-for-it closet.

Lest you think I staged this for dramatic effect, no, I just opened the door and snapped the photo.

Lest you think I staged this for dramatic effect, no, I just opened the door and snapped the photo.

I found important things in this closet.


You can probably see that I couldn’t actually step into the closet, at least not without moving stuff out. That’s all changed.

As long as I was working in this room…

And then there’s . . .


 For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people

1 Corinthians 14:33 (New International Version)


I do understand that this verse really pertains to how people treat others and behave in church. But I know that disorder in one part of my life affects the other parts. I think it’s all part of the whole.


3 Responses to “Follow the Tidy Brick Road”

  1. Alisa Petree

    It’s amazing how a little tidying up can make you feel! Great job!

    • Gayle Lintz

      I know! Sometimes I just go and open the closet door and look at the orderliness for a few moments. Very calming.


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