I’m Going on a Trip


Actually, I’m back from the trip, but I’m not a hip modern girl with a laptop and a tablet. I only have my phone. And that’s no way to write and post a blog each week. So, before I left home on May 21, I had to get three blogs ready to go out on the three Fridays I’d be away. So, let’s pretend that it’s three weeks ago, and I’m getting ready to leave. Okay?

I’m getting ready to be away from home for two-and-a half weeks. I’ll be sleeping in five different places. I’ll be in a couple of places only one night. I’ll be in another place for eight nights. And the other two places for the rest of the nights. So, as I’m getting ready to go, I’m having to think about how to pack light and how to re-distribute my stuff for the different places I’ll be.

I’d been a little busy, helping some friends, and Peter was here for a few days, but I’d been thinking about what all needed to be done. Thursday morning, I started pulling out the clothes, shoes, toiletries, medications, all the stuff that had to be packed and accessible. It took all day to get it all done and, mostly, packed. I meant to work Thursday evening on the waistband of a skirt I was taking. But, as often happens, I misjudged how long I would need to get the blog posts edited and scheduled and the e-mail reminders out. So, when I walked into my bathroom to finish the packing. Here’s what I found:

We drove to Memphis and spent the night with David’s Aunt Frances. When I went into her bathroom to get ready for bed, I found … a bit of a disaster.

The next day, we went on to Sevierville, Tennessee, to David’s mom’s. I re-grouped a little, and got ready to leave Sunday morning to go to a conference at Ridgecrest, near Asheville, North Carolina.

I drove off to North Carolina, where, to my knowledge, there aren’t any proud peacocks. The drive, through the Cherokee National Forest, is beautiful.


 Tell the heavens and the earth
    to celebrate and sing;
command every mountain
    to join in the song.
The Lord’s people have suffered,
but he has shown mercy
    and given them comfort.

Isaiah 49:13 (Contemporary English Version)


IMG_0578The Christian Writers’ Conference was good. The mountains were bee-you-ti-ful!! I left there on Wednesday afternoon and drove back to Sevierville to spend the night. The next morning, David took me to the Knoxville airport. The Knoxville airport is a calm, serene place, with lovely rocking chairs where one can sit quietly and rock and watch the planes land. I flew from Knoxville to Charlotte, where even in the calmest place on the calmest day, the word “serene” would never, ever, ever be used.


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