There Were Friends. And There Was Fun!


It was Fun with Friends, and it was very good.

I’ve spent each evening this week at church, with the little kids (Pre-K’s and Kindergarteners). The first through sixth graders were having Music Camp, and we were having Fun with Friends. Literally. We did ART, and lots of it. Sunday was Collage Night. Monday was Drawing Night. Tuesday was Painting  Night. Wednesday was Printing Night. And Thursday was Sculpture Night. As usual, there was Tall Painting. And I was sure you’d want to see photos.

Sunday night-Collage


Monday night-Drawing

Tuesday night-Painting


Wednesday night-Printing


Thursday night-sculpture






There were also books to read.

IMG_7523This one is The Day the Crayons Quit. I tried to read it to the group Tuesday evening. It is difficult to read, because each page is a letter from a crayon to the boy who owns the box, and they are written in the color of the crayon and in a style that is, hmmm, very hand-written–unevenly spaced, varying in dark and light areas, and, just, hard to read. A kindergartner corrected me a few times (when I left out a word, or several words, or stumbled over a line). I finally handed it over to a much younger teacher, who, amazingly, also struggled. The kid kept correcting her, too, adding words she omitted, finishing sentences she halted over while she read. Eventually, he just gave up and recited the pages to us. (He’s really a very nice young man. When we asked him how many books he had at his house, his guess was a thousand. And apparently, the people in his house read them to him frequently.)


In the beginning, God created everything: the heavens above and the earth below.

Genesis 1:1 (The Voice)

We read this verse each evening, and talked about creating, and how God created people and made them to be creative, too. You are creative, we said. And we gave them paper and crayons and paints and glue and scissors and tape and markers and chalk and brushes and…lots of other stuff. And time.

3 Responses to “There Were Friends. And There Was Fun!”

    • Gayle Lintz

      I know. Little kids are so full of ideas. It’s nice to be able to give them the materials and the time to create.

  1. Suzy Henson

    These kids are SO blessed to have teachers such as you! These are Memory Making activities too not to be forgotten. You will have many crowns to throw at the feet of Jesus!


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